Wooden Eggs

Wooden Eggs

Decorative eggs come in so many varieties, and people have been collecting them & passing them down for generations. But a little less known fact is, eggs date back centuries and have been associated with abundance, well-being, prosperity, renewal, strength, vitality and so much more! Many cultures also believe that gifting a new couple an egg will bless them with fertility. These beautiful hand-turned wooden eggs are true to size, and have been polished to a high shine and come in your choice of domestic or exotic wood.


*Prices vary depending on wood choice.

** Wooden egg cup sold separately.


    Because these eggs & cups are hand-turned without a template, they may vary slightly in size, color, shape and grain pattern. No two will ever be exactly the same, which adds to their uniqueness. The average egg is approximately 2.25" tall and roughly 1.25" wide. The eggs come in 3 choices -

     African Rosewood - an exotic wood harvested from Africa that is a beautiful dark reddish color.

    Spalted Maple - a domestic wood that is a creamy color with dark contrasting lines & streaks.

    Black Walnut - a domestic wood with a dark rich brown color and attractive grain pattern.

    Egg cups are approximately 1.75" tall and are is roughly 1.25" in diameter. The 2 choices of wood currently in stock are Wild Cherry (light color) and Black Walnut (dark color).


    DK American Woodcraft stands by its quality of workmanship. If for some reason your product has damage that was not caused by accident, mis-use or neglect, we will replace it within 30 days of purchase free of charge. Some restrictions apply.


    If necassary, to clean, simply wipe with soapy water and dry immediately. NOT dishwasher safe! Do NOT soak in water, put in microwave, or leave in extreme temperatures as they will warp and crack. Keep out of direct sunlight, as the UV radiation will compromise the finish and prematurely age and oxidize the wood.


    To maintain the beauty and natural finish on your piece, protect it with a light coat of food-grade mineral oil when wood appears dull or dry.

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