Black Walnut Wood Pen with Blue Acrylic Inlay

Black Walnut Wood Pen with Blue Acrylic Inlay

This unique Cigar Style pen was handcrafted from a piece of Black Walnut wood, is adorned with a royal blue acrylic inlay, and finished with gun-metal grey hardware with twisting mechanism and clip. Cigar pens have a larger barrel and a comfortable weight that makes for easier writing and less stress on the hands. Also great for those who might be suffering from arthritis. 


Refill kits can be found online and at most office supply stores (see product info).


Please be sure to read 'Care Instructions'


    Cigar Pens are specifically designed for those who prefer a heftier, more solid pen. The large body fits comfortably in your hand for easy writing.

    Style:  Cigar

    Type:  Ballpoint Pen

    Finish:  Gun Metal

    Detail:  Twist

    Size:  Overall finished length is approximately 5-5/8"

    Refill:  Parker Style Refill kits