Celtic Wedding Goblet

Celtic Wedding Goblet

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A stunning gift for the soon to be wedded couple! Celtic wedding goblets are deep rooted in medieval history and dates back to the 17th century. Each goblet is made from a single piece of wood with two unbroken rings made right on the stem, where they will remain forever as a symbol of love and commitment.

A printed & framed copy of the legend is available to pair with the goblet for an addition charge.


**Printed legend will not have watermark on it**


    Goblets vary in size, but will range between approximately 6" to 8" tall and are usually about 2.5" in diameter. Because they are hand turned from one solid piece of wood, no two will ever be exactly the same and shape & size cannot be guaranteed.


    At DK American Woodcraft, we stand by our quality of workmanship. If for some reason your product has damage that was not caused by accident, mis-use or neglect, we will replace it within 30 days of purchase free of charge. Some restrictions apply.



    Even though the wood is dry, it's always good to keep in mind that wood is a material that is constantly changing. Changes in humidity and temperature may cause wood to move, and if there are knots or inclusions, these can cause some movement in the wood after it's been turned since tension has been released. If this occurs, it's often barely noticeable, but we always like for people to be aware that this can happen at times. It's also good to be mindful of avoiding exposure of the wood to prolonged moisture, direct sunlight, and excessive heat, which can cause more dramatic movement, cracking, or color change

    To clean, simply wipe with hot soapy water and dry immediately. NOT dishwasher safe! Do NOT soak in water, put in microwave, or leave in extreme temperatures as it can cause irreparable damage. Keep out of direct sunlight, as the UV radiation will compromise the finish and prematurely age and oxidize the wood.


    To maintain the beauty and natural finish on your piece, protect it with a light coat of food-grade mineral oil when wood appears dull or dry.